The 'Bear' is something hot in New Bern!  You will see reference to this symbolic figure throughout our community.  From our flag, to our tourist attraction collection of giant bears that adorn our sidewalks, you'll see them everywhere. AND NOW…the Chamber will begin offering some 'beary hot' deals.  Founded in 1710, New Bern is the second oldest town in North Carolina.  The Swiss and German settlement of New Bern was named in honor of the founder’s home, Bern, Switzerland. When Bern, Switzerland was founded, it was named by a group of hunters. They named the city for the first animal they came upon on their hunting expedition. It was a bear. “Bern” is the old Germanic word for Bear, and the bear became the symbol of the city. It has been adopted by New Bern, as well.

    Due to our affinity for New Bern's most loved iconic bear, we bring you the best, hottest ('beary best' to be accurate) deals in New Bern! Our hot deals offer substantial savings to the community and visitors on a host of products and services.  Be sure to check out these amazing 'beary hot' deals as frequently as you' like.  New deals will be updated and circulated at all times so click on the link to see how you can start saving today!


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    A North Carolina Burlap handle bag hand, tied with a beautiful bow and gorgeously embellished. Beautiful, natural looking bag can be re-used for Magazines, Vanity Bag, Shopping Bag, Picnic Bag, Gym Bag Crafts Bag, Knitting Bag, Beach Bag, Travel Bag, Books Bag, Weekend Bag, or any miscellaneous items. This gift is filled with delicious snacks, but may not be local NC products. Please contact us for multiple corporate and customized gifts.

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    FREE SAT & ACT Diagnostic Tests at Sylvan!

    FREE SAT & ACT Diagnostic Test at Sylvan!


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