• Leadership Craven

  • Founded in 1991 by the New Bern Area Chamber of Commerce, Leadership Craven is designed to bring together a diverse group of potential community leaders and to provide a forum of shared viewpoints on the future needs of Craven County. The mission of Leadership Craven is to develop a new generation of leadership to take Craven County beyond the 21st century. This a great opportunity to interact with individuals who are sincerely committed to the economic development of Craven County. Business and community truly come together here!

  • Leadership Craven Program Schedule

    Opening Retreat

    Judicial & Law Enforcement

    New Bern At Night


    Government, Politics and Media

    Business and Economic Development

    Human Services

    Health Services

    Cultural Heritage, History and Tourism

    Military Affairs


    Closing Retreat and Graduation


    • LC_2005.JPG
      LC Class of 2004-05
    • P9120128.JPG-w512.jpg
    • LC_Military_Affairs_05-w512.jpg
    • P9130144.JPG-w512.jpg
    • P9120107.JPG-w512.jpg
    • Leadership_Craven_9-09_003.JPG-w512.jpg
      LC Class of 2009-10
    • Leadership_Craven_9-09_012.JPG-w512.jpg
    • Leadership_Craven_9-09_007.JPG-w512.jpg
    • LC_grad_2010_(19).JPG-w512.jpg
    • LC_grad_2010_(16).JPG-w512.jpg
    • LC_grad_2010_(21).JPG-w512.jpg
    • LC_06_Opening-w512.jpg
      LC Class of 2006
    • P1010149.JPG-w512.jpg
    • LC_06_Opening_6-w512.jpg
    • LC_06_Opening_3-w512.jpg
    • P1010146.JPG-w512.jpg
    • Leadership_Craven_2011_010.JPG-w512.jpg
      LC Class of 2010-11
    • LC_2010_2.jpg
    • lc_2010_3.jpg
    • lc_2010_4.jpg
    • lc_2010_5.jpg
    • lc_2010_6.jpg
    • Leadership_Craven_2009__Retreat_019.JPG-w512.jpg
      LC Class of 2008-09
    • Leadership_Craven_2009__Retreat_013.JPG-w512.jpg
    • Leadership_Craven_2009__Retreat_031.JPG-w512.jpg
    • Government_Media_Politics_-_1-09_(2).JPG-w512.jpg
    • Leadership_Craven_-_10-08_Session_008.JPG-w512.jpg
    • Leadership_Craven_2009__Retreat_037.JPG-w512.jpg
    • lc_2011_1.jpg
      LC Class of 2011-12
    • lc_2011_2.jpg
    • lc_2011_3.jpg
    • lc_2011_4.jpg
    • lc_2011_5.jpg
    • lc_2011_6.jpg

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