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    We have a product with a Noble Prize Winning Solution. Our mission is to raise awareness by informing both teens and women globally who suffer in silence with pain,heavy bleeding, unhealthy menstrual cycles and the potential toxicity of tampon use. Our goal is to bring light to a taboo subject of female cycles, that has silenced females from all cultures for many years. Our platform will educate females on the important roles of keeping a healthy cycle by encouraging getting active, healthy eating, healthy product choices and community awareness events. The silent suffering stops with the voice of our campaign. Every Woman and Girl is A Precious Diamond. We're Changing Lives and Loving Life!

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    • ^Feminine Hygiene ^Sanitary Napkins ^Better Alternative ^Feminine Flow ^ Healthy Cycle ^ Better Menstrual Period


    The First Sanitary Napkins and Liners with A Noble Prize Winning material Graphene infused strip
    A Special Event to be Apart of;Educating Women and Girls
    Changing Lives and Loving Life
    10 Customers will have the chance at 1k from Jan. 1st thru 31st 2021
    Help UPHC in James City with Feeding with LOVE Food Pantry 2nd and 3rd Thursday of Every Month
    Help at Pembroke Community Center Food Distribution Day Every Wednesday
    Helping in the community with food drive with other organizations
    Donation to Coastal Women Shelter of New Bern
    Vanceboro community awareness 2019
    Donation to RCS of New Bern
    Winston-Salem, Vendor at We wear Red event for Heart Association
    At the OMARKS building at Vendor with A Dream event 2019
    Vendor at WSSU for students and staff,Health Awareness 2018-2019
    Luncheon with the Mayor Dana Outlaw for first 5k Run/Walk for Menstrual Health New Bern 2018
    Atlanta Motor Speedway Atlanta, GA for 5k 2018
    New Orleans ,Our first 5k Menstrual Health
    Getting ready for 5k New Orleans 2019
    Education is the key. Health Fair at WSSU 2018-2019
    Our very first Donation Drive for end Period Poverty 2020 was A Success
    Our very first Donation Drive, Helping those in need
    Community Awareness event New Bern 2019
    Training Training Boot Camp, Health Awareness New Orleans 2019
    No words needed
    Never Give Up on Who YOU Are!!!
    Health Vendor at Health Awareness event with owner of Nordic Spa and other health vendors Feb.2020
    Well Said!!!
    Celebrating Grand Opening of Reign Corporate office
    At our new Reign Corporate office w/ Joseph who wrote and study Graphene
    With our business partner Mr. Demond Crump at new Reign Corporate office in McDonough, GA
    With Ms. Paulenna Reid of Essence/Forbes Mag. Our Grand Opening and 2yr business partners celebration in McDonough, GA June 5th 2021
    Grand Opening in McDonough, GA June 5th 2021
    Our partners in Reign Premium Sanitary Napkins
    Our Fun Run in McDonough, GA June 5th 2021
    Sharing info and Reign products at event on our 24th Anniversary
    Celebrating Our 24th Anniversary in McDonough, GA and at The Houston's restaurant in Atlanta, GA
    Our partners celebrating our Grand Opening of Reign Corporate office in McDonough, GA
    Our new Smart vending machine of Reign Premium Sanitary Napkins coming to a campus,university,airport near you!!!
    First Tee Young Golfers Event May 2021
    A Better Solution for your menstrual cycle and Incontinence needs!
    First Tee Young Golfers Event 2021
    Know What You're Wearing!!!
    Stay Motivated
    Stay Encouraged
    Never Give Up
    Stay FOCUS
    Teacher Appreciation Day at West Craven Middle school. Gave treat bags with lots of goodies and of course Reign Premium Sanitary Napkins and Liners
    Teacher Appreciation Day at West Craven Middle school. Sharing lots of goodies and Reign
    In Miami, FL having dinner on the yacht business trip!!
    Dinner Yacht Cruise Miami, FL business trip
    Speedboat Tour of Celebrities Homes
    Miami, FL Casablanca restaurant Salmon
    Miami, FL Casablanca restaurant Lobster,Shrimp pasta
    Miami, FL Casablanca restaurant Key lime pie,The Real Deal
    Business Trip,Enjoying Miami, FL
    On the yacht looking at Miami,FL  Beautiful
    We did a donation drive for Love Haiti's Children a few month's back from July-December 2020
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    Gallery Image Screenshot_20210719-213030_Facebook.jpg
    Donations arrived in Haiti for Love Haiti's Children orphanage
    Barrels of donations
    Donation to Love Haiti's Children
    Donation to Love Haiti's Children
    Donations to Love Haiti's Children
    Donations to Love Haiti's Children
    Our Reign Sanitary Napkins donation to Love Haiti's Children
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    Gallery Image 20210522_114729.jpg
    Fresh picked Strawberries anyone ??
    A little lunch at Morgan,New Bern ??
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    Gallery Image IMG_20210614_073951_959.jpg
    Gallery Image 20210614_130408.jpg
    One Mission One Passion One Dream = One Team!! What's Next Training with our fellow partners. Dumfries, VA
    Gallery Image 20210724_080728.jpg
    Gallery Image Screenshot_20210725-070438_Gallery.jpg
    Thank You! For Everyone who has supported our Donation Drive- Helping Is Our Mission Our Passion
    No Words Needed ??
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    Introducing Our Reign Vitamin Sprays
    We have a solution to the issue!!! Go luvyourv.com
    March is Women's History Month!!
    Business Trip in Sunrise, FL
    Boot camp 2 was intense but knowledge is powerful!!! Also be ready
    On the way to private island for Dinner and Entertainment in Sunrise, FL
    On the roof top of The AC Hotel Sunrise, FL business trip
    #businesstrip #sunrisefl
    End of the year Prostate Cancer Support Group of Craven County Celebration at New Bern Country Club
    Black Friday weekend vendor event in Raleigh, NC
    1st Annual Safety Treat for kids with different abilities Oct 30th 2021
    Thanks to Target Corporation partnership, we were able to give over 400 packs of Reign kits to female students at West Craven Middle school December 2021
    December was a month of Giveaways Reign 2021
    Thanks to Target Corporation partnership, we were able to give to the community of Jones County at The Heritage Festival November 2021
    December Giveaway 2021
    Our New Edition to the family, Reign Vitamin Sprays ?? ?? ?
    These are the days we live for??????
    Surprising a employee on the job is priceless, Ramdom Acts of Kindness, Reign On Me Contest 2021
    December Giveaways of Our Reign Gift Containers 2021
    Wirh our family/business partners at The North American Headquarters Atlanta, GA Porsche Headquarters Oct. 2021
    Ready Set Go!!!! Our 5k run/walk Atlanta, GA October 2021
    The World of Graphene is changing the lives for the beter,the future is here!!!
    1st Annual WELL event, Women Exchanging Life Lessons, The North American Headquarters, Atlanta, GA Porsche 2021
    1st Annual Voice of The Silent Women's Outreach, Thanks to Target Corporation partnership for making it possible for us. September 2021
    Always Room for Improving!! F.F = Facts Friday #self #improvement #yougotthis
    #self #selfcare #healthylifestyle YOU care about You're appearance Right?!?! So what about You're inside as well?!?! We Have products for the entire family that's going to help your body function properly. With Reign Vitamin Sprays!!!! *Non GMO *Vegan Friendly *Gluten & Allergen Free *Filler Free *Cruelty Free *100% Pure No Synthetic  Everything Your Body Needs In 30 seconds! Up to 9x more effective than pills?? luvyourv.com
    Know Who You Are!!!
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    Gallery Image IMG_20220323_081342_426.jpg
    Gallery Image IMG_20220325_104444_312.jpg
    Gallery Image IMG_20220320_155638_720.jpg
    LOVE the Carolina Evening Sky??
    New Bern Autism 5K Run/Walk Saturday April 23rd, Donations are Welcomed
    More Veggies-Big Improvements ?? ??
    Did You Know!!! That the pills/capsules you take,your body only take in half????????????????And for those that have a difficult time swallowing pills or capsules. Like chewing the capsules or letting it devolve or with pills,you have to crush and mix with something.  Now it's bitter and nasty ?? ????So your not getting what you truly need!!! HUH!?!?!?!? luvyourv.com
    Another Source besides milk!!!??
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    This wkend!!!! Come 1 Come ALL the biggest Easter wkend event. SEE YOU in The Building ????

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